Photo of 2014 BMW i3 BEV by Vince Taroc.

Photo of 2014 BMW i3 BEV by Vince Taroc.

BMW is offering three fleet incentives for its pair of i3 electric vehicles, including EV charging stations at no charge, the automaker's fleet division told

BMW is offering a $2,000 incentive for purchase of an i3 BEV (battery-electric vehicle) or $1,500 for the i3 REx (extended range EV).

As a second incentive, BMW will offer three Level 2 chargers at no extra cost to fleets who order at least five BMW i3s. A third incentive offers six Level 2 chargers or one Fast Charger at no additional cost for the purchase of at least 10 i3 models.

BMW is also offering an infrastructure allowance to companies who have at least 10 employees who have purchased a BMW i3. BMW would offer six Level 2 chargers or a Fast Charger at no extra cost.

So far, BMW hasn't booked any significant fleet orders of the vehicle. BMW has also done several ride-and-drive events at Google's Mountain View campus. The i3 was added to BMW's fleet program at the end of 2014.