Photo via Wikipedia.

Photo via Wikipedia.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has asked state regulators for permission to build an estimated 25,000 electric vehicle (EV) chargers in Northern and Central California.

If approved, this program would be the largest deployment of EV charging stations in the U.S., according to PG&E.

The chargers would be located at commercial and public locations, including multi-family dwellings, retail centers, and workplaces. PG&E would also provide tools and educational materials for site hosts and customers to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles, the company said.

"Our proposed build-out of EV charging infrastructure aims to accelerate customer adoption of clean, quiet, and efficient plug-in vehicles by reducing lingering range anxiety. It reflects our commitment to helping the state of California meet its critical clean air and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals by promoting cleaner transportation," said Tony Earley, PG&E Corp.'s chairman, president, and CEO.

The 25,000 proposed stations would have Level 2 chargers, which provide up to 25 miles of range for every hour of charging. To support travel between metropolitan areas, PG&E would also install 100 DC fast chargers that can recharge an EV's battery in 30 minutes.