Toyota Motor Vietnam and the Vietnam Traffic Police have jointly established a safe driving instructor training program for selected traffic police officers and Toyota employees. Participants who complete the program and pass the final examination will be able to not only teach others specific safe driving skills, but also provide guidance about the kind of mindset and behaviors that lead to safer driving, according to the automaker. Program graduates will also organize safe driving courses for other Toyota employees, traffic police officers, and members of the public.

Since the safe driving program’s establishment in August 2014, three instructor training courses have been taught by Toyota’s leading safety driving instructor, Toshio Kanno, who has 33 years’ experience as a test driver for Toyota and has trained over 60,000 people in his career.

Based on Toyota training tools and materials, Toyota Motor Vietnam and the traffic police have collaborated on the development of a safe driving curriculum that is suited to traffic conditions in Vietnam. Program graduates will begin training Toyota Motor Vietnam employees and traffic police this year, Toyota dealers in 2016, and the general public in 2017, according to the automaker.