During a visit to Nissan Brazil's headquarters in downtown Rio, Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., announced a new and modern 3-cylinder, 1L engine will be produced at the company’s powertrain plant in the Resende Industrial Complex in Rio de Janeiro State. The new engine will require a R$100 million investment.

The new 3-cylinder 1L engine will share the assembly line with the 1.6L engine, which has been produced since Nissan started operations at its Resende Industrial Complex in April 2014. More than 25 professionals have been hired to assemble the new engine, thus enhancing the powertrain unit's headcount of approximately 200 people.

The 3-cylinder, 1L engine delivers 76 hp and 98 Nm of torque using either gasoline or ethanol. It will equipped on the new Nissan Versa sedan, which will be manufactured at the Resende Industrial Plant. The model will share the assembly line with the Nissan New March and the March Active. With an aluminum block, four valves per cylinder and high-end technological features, Nissan's new engine has one of the best energy efficiency in Brazil with high performance and low CO2 emissions, according to the automaker.