Photo of the Hino 268 truck courtesy of Hino.

Photo of the Hino 268 truck courtesy of Hino.

Hino Motor Sales U.S.A. is recalling 8,140 2005-2015 model-year ND8J, NE8J and NF8J trucks because their parking brakes may not function properly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

Components of the parking brake handle assembly may wear down over time, leading to such problems as the brake unexpectedly releasing when engaged. The driver also may not be able to fully engage the parking brake. Both scenarios pose a safety threat, NHTSA said. The truck might roll away unexpectedly.

The recall affects trucks manufactured from Aug. 26, 2003, to May 14, 2014. Vehicles in the recall will have a VIN number that includes ND8J, NE8J or NF8J indicating the truck's model and engine. The recalled Class 6 models include Hino's 238, 258, and 268.

To address the problem, Hino dealers will install a new parking brake lever that contains a two-way damper and a roller at the cable-joining pin. There will be no charge for this service.

The recall is due to get under way Feb. 8, NHTSA said. Truck owners can reach Hino customer service at (248) 699-9330.

Hino's number for this recall is A9970. This recall supersedes a previous recall (13V-614).