Photo of NV2000 Taxi by Vince Taroc.

Photo of NV2000 Taxi by Vince Taroc.

New York City's new Mayor Bill de Blasio has agreed to honor a previous agreement that makes Nissan's NV200 the exclusive taxi for the city, which will begin requiring operators to purchase the vehicle on April 20.

The move essentially ends several years of legal wrangling over the so-called Taxi of Tomorrow. Nissan secured a 10-year contract with the city under previous Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration.

New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission set April 20 as the start date for the program. Under the commission's guidelines, operators can purchase only the NV200 taxi model. Under modified terms of the agreement, Nissan doesn't have the exclusive right to sell hybrid vehicles, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles remain exempt, reports the New York Times.

Nissan began selling Nissan NV200 taxi models to operators in late 2013. There are now about 500 in service in the city, according to Nissan.