The U.S. Senate on Tuesday, Dec. 16, unanimously confirmed Mark Rosekind as head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Obama appointment was one of several nominations approved, as the Senate rushed to tie up legislative loose ends before adjourning for the year.

NHTSA had been without an administrator since December 2013, when David Strickland resigned from the post. In the interim, NHTSA Deputy Administrator David J. Friedman has managed the agency.

Rosekind is recognized as a leading expert and researcher on the subjects of fatigue and drowsy driving.

Both NTSB and NHTSA are agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation. After joining NTSB, Rosekind served as the on-site board member for several major accident investigations.

NHTSA has come under increased scrutiny in the past year, with critics questioning the agency’s regulatory decisions related to the Takata air bag recalls and General Motors ignition switch recalls.