Dayco, LLC, a global engine management technologies supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket end-markets, today announced the hiring of Joao Ramon as President, Dayco South America. In this role, Ramon will be responsible for Dayco’s entire business in South America including sales, manufacturing, research and development, purchasing, and distribution for the automotive, industrial, and aftermarket industries.

“Our Dayco business in South America continues to deliver good growth, both organically and from the recent acquisition of Nytron. We are now at a point to accelerate that growth for the automotive, industrial, and aftermarket end-markets,” said John Bohenick, CEO for Dayco. “With this challenge and opportunity, it is great to have Joao Ramon join us as president to lead our team in South America. Joao has always delivered exceptional results during his career.”

Ramon began in manufacturing and has worked with first-tier global automotive companies throughout his career. Recently, Ramon served as the Director, President and Country Manager for Actuant Corporation in Brazil. In addition, he has worked at Gates Corporation, Flexonic and Vickers Group, bringing extensive product expertise in power transmission and fluid power components and systems for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket end-markets. Ramon will be based at the Dayco office in Sao Paulo, Brazil.