Photo: Graco

Photo: Graco

Graco Inc. has introduced Graco Blue, a series of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing solutions designed to safely dispense and prevent contamination of DEF fluid.

Graco Blue consists of durable, high-quality pump packages to help manage DEF and reduce vehicle emissions in automobiles, buses, heavy-duty trucks, and off-road vehicles, according to the manufacturer.

Graco Blue covers a wide variety of DEF applications with the LD Blue or SD Blue pumps and packages. LD Blue electric pumps and packages are designed for quick, easy installation and dispensing for smaller applications with runs up to 50 feet. They are intended to provide long-lasting efficiency and high-performance in a compact design.

For larger applications, the Graco SD Blue pneumatic powered pumps are capable of higher output over longer runs up to 200 feet, according to the company. Both lines of pumps are available for mounting on drums or tote containers.

DEF is a clear and colorless solution that is injected into the exhaust stream of modern diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology. It consists of high purity urea (typically crystalline) that is dissolved and suspended within de-ionized water.

Originally posted on Trucking Info