Charge port with indicator light for dark conditions:  Photo via Chevrolet.

Charge port with indicator light for dark conditions: Photo via Chevrolet.

Chevrolet has added a series of user-friendly features to the charging system of the next-generation Volt that will allow owners to pre-set charging levels based on location and departure times. 

Volt owners can set the charging level to either 8 amps or 12 amps on 120 volt only and decide whether they want the car to charge immediately or delay based a specific departure time. If an owner wants the vehicle to charge only at off-peak rates, they can input their local utility’s rate schedule into the Volt set it to charge during cheaper periods.

The Volt also has a new charge status indicator, which has a specially designed tone to indicate when charging has begun, charging is delayed and if the charge port door is left open. Owners will be able to spot the indicator light with a glance through the windshield.

The charging port is also now illuminated to make it easier to find in dark conditions, and it can indicated charge level through a series of flashes.

The next-gen Volt comes with a new 120-volt portable cord that is 25 feet long and can be locked with a padlock to deter unauthorized removal while charging. Chevrolet also moved the storage bin for the cord based on customer feedback and it is now located on the left side of the rear cargo area.