Photo of BMW headquarters in Munich  via BMW.

Photo of BMW headquarters in Munich via BMW.

BMW has designed LED street lights that can charge battery-electric vehicles (BEVs).

Munich will be the first region to run the pilot program next year using existing local authority lighting infrastructure. Two prototype “Light and Charge” street lights have been developed using the company’s ChargeNow charge stations and LEDs and are located in front of the BMW headquarters, according to the manufacturer.

The street light chargers will be open for any vehicle regardless the model type. Drivers can pay to charge their vehicles using a smartphone app.

BMW is not the first to use street lights as a form of charging infrastructure. Intelilight, a Romanian lighting company, has created technology that allows electric vehicle charging plugs to directly attach to street light poles. Local Brasov authorities will offer the charging service for free as a way to promote the use of electric vehicles, the company said.