Photo: GAZ

Photo: GAZ

Russia’s GAZ Group has lent its GAZelle Business CNG vehicles to the Russian Post for trial  operation. 

“The transport fleet of the Russian Post is one of the largest in Russia. Therefore, the reduction of costs for fuel and improvement of environmental performance are tasks that are constantly the center of our attention,” said Sergei Zimin, head of the Transport Department of the Russian Post, a national post operator of Russia.

Since 2010, GAZ has serially produced vehicles with bi-fuel gas-gasoline engines. These vehicles account for 10-12 percent of the automaker's sales in the segment of light commercial vehicles, according to Oleg Markov, Director for Sales and Marketing in LCV Division of GAZ Group.

GAZelle Business CNG includes four gas cylinders with capacity of 53.4 liters and a maximum operating pressure of 200 atm. The vehicle is equipped with a single engine control unit with a mass airflow sensor, ensuring smooth switching from gas to petrol while supporting the optimum ratio of air and gas in a combustible mixture, according to the company.