<p><em><strong>Graphic courtesy of Telogis.</strong></em></p>

Telogis released several new tools for the company’s fleet analytics software at the Telogis Latitude event in Dana Point, Calif. These new tools included the Telogis For Field Service extension, the Dynamic Response Suite, and Telogis Sites.

The Telogis for Field Service extension provides work scheduling features for teams in the field. It delivers service order management through the Proof of Delivery feature for tracking and routing trucks and teams. It also includes a Plan versus Actual feature that allows teams to follow through on service commitments and determine if they were met.

The software also tracks ETA and provides dynamic dispatch to keep everyone up-to-date through the shipping process.

Telogis also released the Dynamic Response Suite — a series of software features that help plan the shipping process from beginning to end.

“The Telogis Dynamic response suite works in concert with other applications on the Telogis platform to deliver the 360 degree job visibility, better customer service, continuous workflow improvement and the total orchestration of work in the field,” said Newth Morris, co-founder and president of Telogis.

The suite of software includes the Telogis Control Room, Plan Versus Actual, Telogis ETA and Dispatch software. All are designed to be used together to provide a complete picture of the shipping process and track all aspects of it.

The company also showcased Telogis Sites that uses crowd-sourced information to improve directions both on the road and on the premises of a business. The feature allows customers to store and share detailed point of interest data including specific instructions like docking and loading instructions.

It is designed to smooth out the shipping process and improve familiarity with more complex directions than a basic navigation system.

All of the announced features are part of the Telogis Platform of cloud-based analytics, tracking and telematics software. To find out more about Telogis, click here.