Photo: Tritium

Photo: Tritium

As part of its international expansion program, Australian-based electric vehicle (EV) specialist Tritium has signed its first preferred-supplier agreement in Europe with E-WALD, a German provider of e-mobility solutions.

E-WALD, which operates a fleet of electric cars and charging stations across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, has been appointed to install and support the Veefil Electric Vehicle Fast Charger throughout these countries, as well as exclusively market the charger to its customers.

E-WALD, an electric car-sharing organization in Germany, currently has a fleet of nearly 200 EVs that contains 16 different models, from sports cars to small vans, together with a network of over 140 charging stations.

Launched in Australia in May 2013, Veefil is the culmination of 10 years’ of technological development by Brisbane-based company Tritium and is manufactured in Australia. Tritium said its mission was to produce a cost-efficient, premium fast charger that would be easy to install, easy to use, and easy to own.

Veefil can add over 30 miles in range to an EV battery charge in just 10 minutes that would take over three hours using a wall socket, according to the ocompany. It is designed for use in areas where motorists will want to enjoy the convenience of fast charging, such as fleets, shopping centers, coffee shops, airports, and highway service centers.