Photo courtesy of LEAM Drilling.

Photo courtesy of LEAM Drilling.

Louisiana-based LEAM Drilling has added several bi-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to its Pegasus NGV Trucking fleet that delivers oil field equipment to directional and horizontal drilling sites in Oklahoma and Texas.

LEAM added two additional vehicles in September. The fleet has added 18 new bi-fuel CNG trucks in the past year.

LEAM has partnered with CNG fuel system vendor Landi Renzo and vehicle modifier Nat G to add the Ford Super Duty trucks. The trucks use Landi Renzo CNG bi-fuel systems. They were delivered to the fleet by Nat G, which joined Ford's Qualified Vehicle Modifier program in late September. LEAM began transitioning its fleet to bi-fuel CNG vehicles in 2010, according to Landi Renzo.

"Our natural gas vehicles have a higher ROI," said Sonia Bradley, a LEAM project manager. "At the rate we are using them, the conversion cost is paid within six months on each vehicle. Our latest, 2014 models, received early this year, have had no issues at all."

The bi-fuel CNG vehicles are a mix of CNG conversions and ship-thru vehicles.