VNG has opened the first public natural gas vehicle (NGV) fueling facility in the city of Philadelphia. The VNG facility, located within the popular BP-branded gasoline station at 2901 West Abbottsford Avenue, is adjacent to Roosevelt Boulevard. The station also offers a convenience store and Dunkin' Donuts.

VNG's compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling services meet the requirements of light duty commercial vehicles and personal passenger vehicles for fast, inexpensive and convenient motor vehicle fueling, according to the company.

VNG is in the process of installing similar facilities in major markets across the United States to make vehicle natural gas as convenient as gasoline for drivers of light-duty vehicles such as pickup trucks, vans and passenger cars. With savings of up to 40% compared to gasoline, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, VNG delivers significant value to drivers while reducing the country's dependency upon foreign fuel. VNG offers customers the opportunity to save more than $1 per gallon.

"Our Abbottsford facility is the first step in the rollout of our fueling network supporting the growth of NGVs in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," said Robert Friedman, chief operating officer of VNG. "By improving access to natural gas, VNG offers a high quality fueling experience comparable to gasoline so fleets and consumers can utilize NGVs with the confidence of knowing CNG fuel is readily available at a popular retail gasoline station."

"By supporting projects such as this VNG natural gas fueling station, we are building a stronger Pennsylvania that leverages our energy resources to create jobs for working families, grow our economy and protect our environment for generations to come," said Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett. VNG received support from the Commonwealth Financing Authority for the project.

"Natural gas as a transportation fuel is one of the best ways to maximize America's natural gas resources and lower fuel costs for drivers while supporting the nation's environmental and energy independence goals," Friedman said. "With no fueling infrastructure cost for the fleet operator, VNG simplifies the fleet's decision to add natural gas vehicles to its operations."