Photo: Tata Motors

Photo: Tata Motors

Tata Motors and Microlise, a European telematics and fleet management solutions provider, have announced their partnership to bring fleet telematics solutions to the Indian market.

Under the agreement, signed for an initial period of five years, Tata will deliver fleet management services to the Indian transport industry through the Tata Fleetman platform.

While Microlise will provide the technology and solutions, Tata Motors will integrate them in its commercial vehicles and utilize its vast experience and reach for service delivery. The services will be marketed through OE fitment as well as through the aftermarket route.

Tata Motors said it launched the Tata Fleetman Telematics and Fleet Management services brand in India two years ago, in response to growing market needs for better fleet control and greater fleet utilization. However, Tata Motors recognized that, while basic services have served transporters well, it needed the right partner to meet customers’ needs for more sophisticated and technologically complex applications such as fleet productivity improvement, fuel management, driving assessment, and safety.

Along with the introduction of service products in these areas, the partnership with Microlise will also undertake ongoing development of the new Tata Fleetman system, to address anticipated future needs of the logistics and transportation Industry.