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Photo: File

A North Carolina car dealer is targeting Chevrolet Volts used in commercial fleets with less wear and tear on their batteries because drivers have been sticking to gasoline instead of plug-in charging, he says.

Several mid- and high-mileage 2012-MY and 2013-MY Chevrolet Volts showed up on the website of Stanley, N.C., car dealer Mater's Motors, reported Inside EVs. The diagnostics system of the vehicles showed that they had comparably poor ratings of 34 to 39 mpg for a hybrid.

Mater's Motors owner Jason Edwards told the website that the Volts were fleet vehicles, although he would not go into further detail. He noted that in many cases drivers are reimbursed for gasoline, but not for electricity if they charged up the cars at home. The vehicles were run almost exclusively using the gasoline-powered on-board generator rather than being recharged each night.

Used vehicles that fit the pattern are likely to have more battery life remaining than those that were driven as General Motors intended, Edwards said.