Photo courtesy XL Hybrids.

Photo courtesy XL Hybrids.

Coca-Cola plans to roll out 100 gasoline-electric hybrid Chevrolet Express vans into its delivery fleet by the end of the year following their conversion with an XL Hybrids powertrain.

The 2014 Express vans have been equipped with hybrid powertrains that reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% when compared with the company's gasoline-only Express vans, according to XL Hybrids. The beverage corporation now operates the largest heavy-duty electric hybrid delivery fleet in North America.

Over their lifespan, the hybrid Express vans will eliminate about 4,000 tons of carbon emissions as compared to what a conventional van would produce over a 10-year span.

Coca-Cola has also rolled out 16 refrigerated plug-in electric vehicles that deliver the company's Odwalla beverages in the San Francisco Bay area.