Photo courtesy Organic Transit.

Photo courtesy Organic Transit.

Montana's Cascade City-County Health Department has taken delivery of an Organic Transit Elf Velomobile, a vehicle-bicycle hybrid that will allow employees to exercise during their work day, according to KRTV. The vehicle cost $5,000 and replaces a fleet vehicle.

Most of the department's off-site work is done within two miles of the building. The Elf offers battery-assist power, but also gives employees the option to pedal for exercise.

The Elf combines the ease of a car with the benefits of a bicycle, according to Organic Transit. Headlights, taillights, and signals allow drivers to be visible in traffic. A polycarbonate shell provides protection from the elements, and drivers have space for storage.

The vehicle, which has a 750-watt electric motor, has a load capacity of 350 lbs. It can drive 20 mph on electric power and has an electric range of more than 20 miles. It can be charged with an outlet, and a solar panel acts as a trickle