Photo courtesy of GM .

Photo courtesy of GM.

General Motors' 2014 Cadillac ELR (Extended Range Electric) luxury coupe will arrive with sound-neutralizing technology that tunes out background noise when the car switches from the electric motor to the gas motor.

The technology, which works through the vehicle's Bose speakers, is meant to reduce distracted driving, according to GM.

The noise cancelling system in the ELR electronically gathers input from the vehicle's generator and powertrain, as well as from three ceiling-mounted microphones. The system calculates and produces the appropriate noise-cancelling signal through the Bose audio system's speakers and subwoofer, according to GM.

Active noise cancellation also helped eliminate the need for additional sound-deadening materials, which reduced the vehicle's mass. ELR uses a variety of sound-buffering and absorbing materials to minimize wind, road and engine noise.

The ELR is GM's first luxury vehicle offering battery-powered driving at normal speeds. It's the same technology used in the Chevrolet Volt. The vehicle will debut in January.