The 2014 Ford Focus Electric MSRP is now $35,200. Photo courtesy of Ford.

The 2014 Ford Focus Electric MSRP is now $35,200.
Photo courtesy of Ford.

Ford Motor Co. reduced the MSRP of the 2014 Ford Focus Electric by nearly $4,000 to keep it competitive in the marketplace. The original MSRP was $39,995, but now customers can purchase the vehicle for $35,200. The reduction in cost is a way to keep the 2014 Ford Focus a success in the new emerging electric marketplace.

“We’ve already had consumer inquiries with dealerships,” said Ford Focus Electric Marketing Manager Chad D’Arcy. “It’s definitely piquing interest.”

The price reduction also applies to the 2012 and 2013 Ford Focus Electric models. In addition to price reduction, the federal tax credit for the vehicle is $7,500. The new price allows for dealers to have better flexibility when it comes to advertising the vehicle, according to D’Arcy. “Even though we’ve reduced the price, we’ve kept the vehicle fully contented; we didn’t take anything off the vehicle,” he said.

The vehicle is powered by a lithium-ion battery, fully charges in 3.6 hours, reaches a top speed of 84 mph, and gets an EPA-estimated 76 miles on each charge.

“We think customers are going to react positively, and they do so every time a vehicle realigns with a rapidly evolving marketplace,” D’Arcy said.

By Jack Chavdarian