When evaluating alternative-fuel vehicles for fleets, almost nothing beats accurate cost data and the experience a fleet manager gets from driving a vehicle.

To help its members communicate their real-world fueling and driving experiences to the fleet industry, Colorado Clean Cities (CCC) asked select attendees of its annual meeting in July to drive an alternative-fuel vehicle to the event and report on their experiences. CCC called this event the Alternative Fuel Driving Experience, and five individuals recorded details of their journeys.

Individuals who participated included Steve Kibler, fleet manager for the City of Loveland, Colo. He drove a Nissan LEAF. Next up was Brian Dean Johnston, lead systems engineer for Lightning Hybrids. He drove a Ford E-450 Hybrid Shuttle Bus equipped with a hybrid system from his company. Next, Dan Genovese, manager of market development for natural gas vehicles and compressed natural gas refueling, drove a 2011 bi-fuel Chevrolet Tahoe. W. Fred Robinson, president of Intergalactic Hydrogen, participated and drove his hydrogen-fueled Hummer (though this vehicle’s fueling system can accept other fuel types, for example CNG). Lastly, John Wieneke, commercial accounts manager at Spradley Barr Ford, drove a bi-fuel Ford CNG pickup truck.

Each person wrote their post with both the ease of fueling for the driver, and overall fuel costs, in mind. In the following weeks Green Fleet magazine will present each driver’s experience in their vehicle, including fueling details. Stay tuned…