SANTA ANA, CAGreen Fleet recently had a chance to tour the Greenkraft Inc. facility in Santa Ana, Calif., and learn more about the company’s operations.

(Click here for photos taken at the Greenkraft facility.)

Greenkraft Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive products, including Class 3-7 cab-over trucks, equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) powertrains. The company also provides CNG conversion systems for vehicles produced by OEMs including Isuzu, GM, Ford, and Chrysler. The company has been around since 2008.

George Gemayel, president of Greenkraft Inc , said he started Greenkraft Inc to provide a complete turnkey alternative-fuel truck solution. “We wanted to provide the whole enchilada,” he said. “We’re not creating a new invention. We’re taking an existing idea and making it better. We’re providing the ultimate end user with a cost-effective truck by using low-cost CNG fuel.”

Gemayel is also the founder of California Environmental Engineering (CEE), which provides engine emissions certification services for a wide-variety of manufacturers and has experience working in emissions certification. CEE has also achieved 40 CFR 1065 compliance, which is required for testing new-model years.

Greenkraft Inc currently imports forward cabin chassis made by JAC from China  and uses a GM powertrain for the trucks it manufactures. “We provide the only truck born as a natural gas vehicle in classes 3 to 6,” said Frank Ziegler, director of sales.

All of Greenkraft Inc's trucks are manufactured as dedicated CNG vehicles, therefore qualifying for California Energy Commission buy-down incentives for alternative-fuel vehicles. The incentive available is $20,000 per vehicle. The incentives are based on a first-come, first-serve basis and forwarded directly to the end user in California.

Though Greenkraft Inc has only been around a few years and may be the “new kid on the block,” Ziegler said its solutions have already made an impression on Ryder System Inc., a transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions provider that’s been around for nearly 80 years.  Ryder has added GreenKraft, Inc as an OEM supplier.

Greenkraft Inc recently obtained EPA/Carb certification of its 2013 dedicated-compressed natural (CNG) gas fuel system for 6.0L General Motors engines for 14,000-lb. and above GVWR vehicles.   

The company is currently performing research and development testing to certify its 8.8L CNG engine. “It’s a great repower opportunity for dirty diesels, gensets, school bus, refuse, and port trucks,” Gemayel said.

On the electrification side, Greenkraft Inc is developing an extended-range battery-engine CNG truck, and expects it to achieve 35-40 mpg city/highway combined. Greenkraft Inc will attract fleets in California, Ziegler said.

In addition, on CNG conversions, Greenkraft Inc can also help fleets achieve certification for 50 or more of the same vehicle models, Ziegler said.

By Grace Suizo