MT. LAUREL, NJ – Deli Express/E.A. Sween Company has been working with several fleet suppliers to produce a new, lighter-weight diesel truck design that improves fuel economy by 50 percent, while significantly reducing emissions and increasing cost-effectiveness.

The company was part of a sustainability case study conducted by Automotive Resources International (ARI) focused on hidden green potential for fleets.

Operating as a team, ARI, Isuzu Commercial Truck of America, Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies, and Thermo King supported Deli Express’ efforts to produce the new, lighter-weight diesel truck design.

“Each of our clients has a unique set of needs, which must be carefully considered when building a sustainability strategy,” said Elisa Durand, manager of Strategic Consulting, Analysis & Sustainability. “For many fleets, alternative fuel is not the only way to make a positive impact on emissions and fuel consumption. Rather than trying to put our clients into a box, we work side by side with them to identify the most innovative, efficient, and economical solutions.”

The truck design is expected to emit 700 fewer lbs. of carbon dioxide on a monthly basis in its current usage pattern and 4.2 fewer tons over a 12-month period, according to ARI. Isuzu Commercial Truck of America will provide the diesel chassis, Johnson Truck Bodies will build the lightweight insulated truck body, and Thermo King will provide efficient refrigeration units.  As additional units hit the streets, ARI will leverage its top tier analytical tools to calculate the design’s evolving impact on cost and efficiency.

“Our carefully selected fleet partners bring a higher level of expertise and creativity to fleet sustainability,” said Gregg Hodgdon, CAFM, head of Deli Express/E.A. Sween Company’s fleet operations. “Without their support, our company’s sustainability transition would have been far more difficult. We look forward to future collaboration in reducing our environmental impact.”

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