WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE) have released the 2012 Fuel Economy Guide along with the Top 10 EPA-Rated Fuel Sippers list. The all-electric Mitsubishi i and Nissan Leaf top the fuel sippers list, which includes electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi i

Mitsubishi i

The Mitsubishi i, also referred to as the MiEV, delivers combined fuel efficiency of 112 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (city 126/highway 99 mpge), according to the DOE. Capturing second-place fuel-efficiency honors is the Nissan Leaf, which delivers combined fuel efficiency of 99 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent (city 106/highway 92 mpge).

Other vehicles making the top 10 fuel-efficiency list for 2012 models are the Ford/Azure Dynamics Transit Connect Electric (both van and wagon – combined 62 mpge), Chevrolet Volt (combined 60 mpg), Toyota Prius (combined mpg of 50), Honda Civic Hybrid (combined mpg of 44), Toyota Prius v (combined mpg of 42), Lexus CT 200h (combined mpg of 42), Honda Insight (combined mpg of 42), and Toyota Camry Hybrid LE (combined mpg of 41).

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Some 2012 models will be displaying a new fuel economy and environment label that provides buyers with more comprehensive fuel efficiency information, including five-year fuel costs or savings compared to the average vehicle, as well as new greenhouse gas and smog ratings. These labels are actually required in model year 2013, but automakers may voluntarily adopt the new labels in model year 2012.

Each vehicle listing in the Fuel Economy Guide provides an estimated annual fuel cost. The estimate is calculated based on the vehicle’s miles per gallon (mpg) rating and national estimates for annual mileage and fuel prices. The online version of the guide allows consumers to input their local gasoline prices and typical driving habits to receive a personalized fuel cost estimate.

Printed editions of the guide are coming to dealer showrooms. EPA and DOE will provide online updates of fuel economy information as more 2012 vehicles become available.

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