BISBEE, AZ - Cochise County Fleet Management Director Ruben Miranda has come up with ways to save the county money through fuel economy and holding on to vehicles for a longer period of time, according to the San Pedro Valley News-Sun.

By not replacing vehicles when they hit the 150,000-mile mark and maintaining them in the fleet until they hit 175,000 miles, the county can save about $50,000 a year, reported the News-Sun.

The sheriff's department will continue getting new cars when they reach 150,000 miles.

Currently, the county has 493 vehicles and Miranda keeps them on a strict maintenance schedule to be sure the vehicles will make those extra miles. "Our fleet is healthy," he told the News-Sun.

Through proper maintenance and the purchase of fuel-efficient cars and hybrids, the News-Sun reported the county saved $361,000 on fuel. For the next fiscal year, Miranda anticipates a fuel savings of $333,000.