WASHINGTON - Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) has released a new video to help companies with vehicle fleets learn more on how to cut costs and carbon pollution by following a few simple steps. The video, titled The Power of Scale, visually depicts how small actions done by many can result in big changes for the corporate bottom line and the health of the planet.

"Companies need clear and compelling tools to help 'green' their operations," said Jason Mathers, project manager at EDF. "With this new video, we're able to communicate a complex message in a creative way and bring the notion of 'green fleets' to life."

Fleet efficiency has become an increasingly important issue for corporations as they look for opportunities to reduce their environmental impact. Currently, there are more 3 million corporate fleet vehicles in the United States emitting 45 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, according to EDF. The Power of Scale demonstrates that companies can reduce their corporate fleet emissions by 6 million metric tons per year and collectively save over 2 billion dollars, according to EDF.

"Our goal was to present the core message around fleet efficiency in a meaningful, impactful way," says Justin Evans, founder at stresslimitdesign, the agency that produced the video. "We want people to watch this video and have a better sense of the steps they can take - as professionals or consumers - to incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives."

Click here to watch the video.