FULLERTON, CA – Three commercial truck tires produced by Yokohama Tire Corporation have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) SmartWay program, which promotes cleaner, more efficient truck technologies.

According to the EPA, Yokohama’s RY617 steer tire, 703ZL drive tire, and RY587MC2 trailer tire met the SmartWay program’s criteria regarding low rolling resistance, which makes the tires run cooler. It also helps reduce fuel consumption, which in turn cuts costs and benefits the environment. Because of the EPA’s approval, the tires can be used on trucks that are SmartWay-certified.

“Yokohama is honored to be recognized by the EPA for our efforts to produce truck tires that help save fuel and protect the environment,” said John Cooney, Yokohama director, commercial sales. “Receiving approval into the SmartWay program reinforces our pledge to our commercial customers to produce the most technologically-advanced tires on the market.”