GEORGETOWN, TX – CleanFUEL USA and ConocoPhillips have signed a three-year agreement to advance propane infrastructure for the U.S. transportation fuel industry. Under the agreement, the two companies will provide resources to install and supply propane fuel pumps for commercial fleet fuel users. Propane fueling stations will be installed not only at fleet owner sites, but may also be made available nationwide at select ConocoPhillips' branded stations, which include Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 stations. ConocoPhillips will supply propane to the fueling stations through regional propane marketers. 

"This agreement with ConocoPhillips is a huge step forward for the U.S. propane engine fuel industry," said Curtis Donaldson, CleanFUEL USA's founder and CEO. "With support from an energy company, the industry can start to overcome the infrastructure challenge that has once been a sticking point for fleet managers and automotive OEMs considering propane for its inherent advantages. We look forward to working with ConocoPhillips to expand the distribution of propane, leveraging its established infrastructure footprint." 

Propane is an alternative fuel with lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel.  Reliable propane engine performance and maintenance has been proven by utilizing new technology developed from both Ford/Roush and General Motors (GM), which uses the CleanFUEL's liquid propane injection (LPI) system.  Both Ford/Roush and GM are developing additional propane engine platforms in 2009. 

"Through this collaboration, our branded marketers can participate in expanding their fuel offering and providing a solution for this growing customer base," said Chris Conway, president americas supply & trading, ConocoPhillips.