Wheels, Inc. has named Dan Frank president, which puts the fleet management company scion in charge of virtually all business units of the 75-year-old fleet leasing trailblazer.

Frank continues to report to Jim Frank, the company's chairman and CEO. Dan becomes only the third Wheels president since it was founded in 1939 by Zollie Frank and his brother-in-law Amund Schoen. Zollie's son Jim became the second president in 1974.

Dan Frank has held various roles in the company during his 16-year tenure. He most recently served as president of Wheels Services where he oversaw the company's maintenance, accident management, safety, telematics, and toll management programs.

He is a member of the Wheels board of directors, president of Wheels Leasing Canada, and chairman of Ixe Fleet, a joint venture in Mexico.

Dan also serves on the American Automobile Leasing Association's board, and represents the fleet industry on legislative and regulatory policy. He serves on the National Safety Council's board.


Wheels Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary