Screenshot via Jaguar.

Screenshot via Jaguar.

Jaguar's 2016 XE mid-size luxury sedan will offer a range of connectivity features including Wi-Fi capability and an infotainment system that allows users access to Apple and Android apps via multiple apps feeding onto a 8-inch touchscreen, the automaker announced.

The XE's infotainment system, known as InControl, will also include voice control functionality. The system will allow drivers to remotely control vehicle functions such as climate control, locking and unlocking doors, or starting the engine.

The InControl Apps function allos users to access smartphone apps to make a conference call, find a parking space, or book a hotel room.

Jaguar has also added a new laser head-up display that projects "sharp, high-contrast color images" onto the windshield. Jaguar is unveiling the vehicle in London on Sept. 8. Watch a video from Jaguar here.