Photo of Moscow congestion from 2012 via Sergey Ivanov/Flickr.

Photo of Moscow congestion from 2012 via Sergey Ivanov/Flickr.

Drivers in Moscow during the most congested periods will spend an average of 74 percent more time getting to their destination in a city TomTom has ranked as the most congested around the globe.

That would equate to an average delay of 76 minutes per hour during peak travel times. The finding came in the annual global traffic index from the Amsterdam-based navigation and traffic services company.

Commuters spend an average of eight days per year stuck in traffic jams. Traffic on secondary routes can be more congested, the study found.

The annual traffic index covers 180 global cities, and compares travel times during non-congested hours to those in peak hours. The index takes into consideration major highways and local roads.

Only one U.S. city, Los Angeles, made the list of the 10 most congested cities, according to TomTom. Here's the full list with the average percent increase in traffic times:

  1. Moscow, Russia: 74 percent
  2. Istanbul, Turkey: 62 percent
  3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 55 percent
  4. Mexico City, Mexico: 54 percent
  5. São Paulo, Brazil: 46 percent
  6. Palermo, Italy: 39 percent
  7. Warsaw, Poland: 39 percent
  8. Rome, Italy: 37 percent
  9. Los Angeles, USA: 36 percent
  10. Dublin, Ireland: 35 percent

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