Terex South Dakota Inc. is recalling 42 TLM-series aerial devices installed on Ford F-550 trucks, because cracks might form in the truck frame or at the first cross brace behind the cab.

Such cracks could ultimately lead to truck frame failure and loss of driving control, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports. The recall affects TL37M, TL41M, TL42M and TL45M aerials installed on Ford F-550 trucks. The TLM aerial devices were all built from December 2006 through February 2014.

Cracks might start forming behind the cab near reliefs, cutouts, and holes in the frame and cross brace, Terex indicated in a safety notice submitted to NHTSA.

Terex dealers will inspect the truck frame and cross brace and make the required repairs. If they discover no cracks, they will install a preventative reinforcement. There will be no charge for these services.

The recall is already under way. Truck owners can reach Terex at 1-605-882-4000. Terex’s number for this recall is SN610.