Photo: DHL

Photo: DHL

Deutsche Post DHL has added one “Teardrop” trailer for use throughout Germany and France as part of its logistics solutions for its customer Airbus. It's fleet consists of 11,500 vehicles. The aerodynamic form of this teardrop-shaped trailer designed by Don-Bur features a curved roof which reduces air resistance and cuts fuel consumption by up to 6-10 percent compared to regular heavy-load trucks. By adding to its green fleet, Deutsche Post DHL not only acts on its environmental responsibility, but saves costs due to the use of less fuel.

“We are working hand in hand with our customers towards greener solutions. Adding this new vehicle for heavy load transport is one example where both of us benefit from the optimized aerodynamic shape and a reduced carbon footprint,” says Tom Jeroense, Global Lead Logistics Provider for Airbus at DHL. “We already have several years of experience using these trailers, mainly in the UK, and they truly live up to their promise.”

In the UK, DHL said it already deploys more than 1,100 Teardrop trailers, which have been further developed and modified over the years. The new trailer is designed specifically for use in mainland Europe to meet European legislation requirements.

Key features and benefits of the Teardrop trailers include:

  • Distinctive curved roof to reduce resistance and increase fuel efficiency.
  • Forward-swept front bulkhead to reduce turbulence.
  • New lightweight recyclable blade panels to help reduce fuel consumption.
  • Unique spoiler feature.
  • Tailor-made load solution of 10t to accommodate specific transport needs of Airbus.
  • General payload of up to 40t possible.
  • Maximum four meter vehicle height in line with European legislation.