Since launching in March about 10,000 fleet vehicles in Dubai have been registered with Emirates National Oil Company (Enoc) and Emirates Petroleum Product Company (Eppco)'s Vehicle Identification Pass (ViP), a fleet fuel management solution, according to a report on

With the ViP system, all the driver needs to do is put the nozzle in the fuel tank and the two chips do the rest. ViP enables greater control and monitoring of fuel usage and serves as a hassle-free payment service, according to the report. Every fuel transaction is linked to an individual vehicle and electronically recorded without the need of any personnel assistance or involvement.

Details of the transaction include the amounts of fuel, type of fuel, price, date and time, according to the report. Fleet managers also get a monthly report of all their fleets’ fueling activities all without a card, which also eliminates fraud and unauthorized refueling, he noted.

Dubai Police are testing the service with 10 of its vehicles and expects to be rolling it to all 3,000 by year’s end, according to the report.