ROAMWORKS, a provider of machine-to-machine (M2M) software and systems integration, recently announced its entry into the Tanzanian market with a solution designed to enhance fleet efficiency, vehicle performance, and driver safety.

ROAMWORKS' fleet management solutions offer fleet clients flexibility and choice in terms of hardware, system setup, and communications network. Businesses can leverage their existing infrastructure and link fleet data to other enterprise systems they're currently using such as billing or third-party dispatch systems. Additionally, ROAMWORKS now offers a combined GSM and satellite package that helps trucking companies optimize their vehicles with rich features and improved security, even in the most remote areas, according to the company.

ROAMWORKS enables dual mode connectivity. Data can be transmitted over satellite or cellular networks, toggling between the two as vehicles travel. This ensures continuous connectivity in remote areas while also "resource managing" to contain communication costs, according to the company.

Fleet managers can access the ROAMWORKS solution through a mobile app that enables decision making and control from anywhere at any time. For example, if a delivery driver is delayed or unreachable, the manager can take immediate action to reschedule loads, correct driver behavior, or, if theft is suspected, completely immobilize the vehicle.