Photo of Great Marked Square in Brussels, Belgium, via Wikimedia.

Photo of Great Marked Square in Brussels, Belgium, via Wikimedia.

Attendees of the 2014 Global Fleet Management Conference in Brussels, Belgium, will participate in sessions relating to insurance and safety management, emerging markets, and telematics, organizers have announced.

"Every fleet market is unique and often very complex," said Mike Antich, Automotive Fleet editor and co-chair of the conference. "We have assembled a stellar lineup of subject-matter experts to explain the intricacies of individual fleet markets, such as Russia, China, Brazil, Turkey, India, South Africa, Australia, and Mexico, to name a few. We will provide real-world information on what it takes to operate a fleet in each of these emerging fleet markets."

The June 18 program includes six sessions as well as a networking opportunity for fleet managers to meet vendors.

The opening session will address insurance and safety management at a global level. This will be followed by a presentation from Andy Sacha, International Fleet Safety Award winner and Nestlé's global fleet manager.

The third session will cover emerging markets. Afternoon sessions include "Telematics, an opportunity or a threat," "Funding your car fleet around the world," and "A look at the future of global fleet management."

View the full session list from Day 2 here. Register here.