Spireon, Inc., the industry's leading provider of mobile resource management (MRM) and business intelligence solutions used by companies to maximize their mobile assets and workforce, has secured a new partnership with Lewis Tree Service the second largest provider of utility vegetation management services in North America.

Operating a workforce of over 4,000 employees throughout the eastern United States, Lewis Tree Service provides comprehensive services for utilities and governments. They specialize in everything from vegetation project planning to ongoing maintenance, as well rapid-response emergency services.

"With such a massive network of people, vehicles and assets, Lewis Tree Service needed a solution that would help optimize their operations, improve utilization and support their commitment to safety and quality," says Rich Pearlman, director of product management with Spireon's Fleet Services Group. "FleetLocate will provide them with real-time business intelligence that gives them full control of their entire operation."

The collaboration will focus on supporting the Lewis Tree Service Corporate Intelligent Vegetation Management strategy, an industry-leading initiative focused on leveraging technology across all operations. It will include installing 3,600 FleetLocate devices in Lewis Tree Service's trucks, off-road vehicles and a variety of powered equipment such as chippers. With plans to optimize their assets, reduce costs and improve safety, the company projects a significant ROI.

"Switching to Spireon's FleetLocate helps us use technology down to the crew level to improve operations," said Robert Polka, Lewis Tree Service's director of fleet services. "Insights we pull from the data generated will lead to actions that improve safety for our crews, better utilize of all our mobile assets, and result in the best customer service we can provide."