Screenshot courtesy of CEI Group.

Screenshot courtesy of CEI Group.

The CEI Group, Inc., previewed the latest generation of its DriverCare 5.0 fleet driver safety and risk management system at the NAFA Institute and Expo in Minneapolis, Minn., which ended April 11.

Enhancements come to the driver scorecard, management hierarchy access, and navigation, CEI Group announced.

The update brings an entirely new page to DriverCare. The Driver Scorecard provides a snapshot summary of the information in a driver's record, and enables fleet administrators to drill down into any category for more detailed information.

A new feature with DriverCare 5.0 is easy one-click access to fleet driver risk information at the level of field managers. One click by an administrator or field manager brings up a page that summarizes the risk level of all of a manager's direct reports, and shows a list of those drivers with key risk profile metrics. Clicking on any driver in the list will bring up all detail in the driver's file, such as accidents, violations, training and open action items.

DriverCare 5.0's menu bars will be supplemented by an Apps section at the bottom of each page for simplified navigation. The Apps will refer to different core functions of the DriverCare system, such as risk rating, driver history and training. One click on an App icon brings up a menu that enables administrators to zero in on the specific task or information they're looking for, and zoom to any level, from the entire fleet to an individual driver.

The new system is still in development, and will be made available to all of CEI's fleet safety clients in the second half of 2014.