Merchants Fleet Management has partnered with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to provide customers with excellent traffic safety, mobility and compliance solutions, the fleet management company has announced.

Merchants' clients will benefit from multiple ATS programs including Toll Management Plus, Viologics and Toll Guard. Merchants and ATS will begin offering these programs to clients on May 1.

These programs provide clients with cost control and saving capabilities, administrative relief and advanced reporting to aid in driver behavior modification, according to Merchants.

"We have upgraded our capabilities by offering the progressive online toll processing program and full suite of toll administration services to help their fleets run efficiently," said Tom Coffey, Merchants' vice president of sales and marketing.

Toll Management Plus allows fleets to utilize high speed, cashless toll lanes with or without a transponder through centralized controls and payment processing.

Viologics assists fleet managers maximize cost savings and reduce driver related citation costs. This program manages the entire citation process and holds the driver liable for their infraction, not the fleet manager.

Toll Guard manages toll road registration of fleet vehicle plates. It also ensures that registered vehicles are treated like customers rather than violators. All electronic tolls incurred are paid to avoid violations and the customer is billed directly to handle the charges directly.