The CEI Group, Inc., will introduce a new accident reporting app, updated risk manager app, and additional accident reporting technology at NAFA's 2014 Institute & Expo starting April 8.

CEI will preview DriverCare Mobile, a mobile application for its driver accident reporting system; and DriverCare 5.0, a revamped version of its DriverCare Risk Manager application that's now fully integrated with its ClaimsLink Express Lane accident management application.

CEI will also announce that its users will gain the ability to link traffic safety camera violations to the fleet drivers who incur them; incorporate those violations into drivers' risk profiles; and collect payments for fines.

"CEI continues to regard its technology as a key differentiator in the fleet services industry," said Vincent Brigidi, CEI's president and chief operating officer. "These new capabilities are the result of listening to our clients about what their biggest areas of need are and jointly coming up with leading-edge solutions."