VIDEO: N.M. Governor Signs Driver Texting Ban

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez on March 2 signed into law a bill prohibiting texting while driving in the state.

The new law, which includes an exemption for summoning medical or other emergency help, will take effect July 1.

New Mexico is now the 42nd state to prohibit behind-the-wheel texting by all drivers. The state previously banned texting by teenage drivers with a learner’s or provisional license.

The ban will carry a $25 fine for a first offense. Subsequent offenses will cost $50 each. 

“We know that texting while driving is a lethal distraction,” Martinez said during the bill-signing press conference. “There is no text message that is worth a person’s life.”

To view a KRQE video report on the new law – and what inspired the legislation  click on the photo or link above.