Photo courtesy of Willison Products.

Photo courtesy of Willison Products.


Willison Products is releasing its Fupro diesel filtration system that's designed to detect and prevent water from entering the fuel injection system while purifying fuel to 2 Microns, according to the company.

Any diesel owner or mechanic knows that one tank of bad fuel can paralyze a Diesel engine until the injection system is repaired. If an individual gets just one tank of bad fuel it can cost between $7,000 to $20,000 to repair, plus the loss of use.

Commercial fleets can suffer greater costs and possibly lose accounts because of "down" time. Until now, there have been very few options and even fewer preventions to counter this major expense. Willison Products' new fuel filtration system is manufactured and assembled in Royse City, Texas.

Willison Products is offering their diesel fuel filtration system for as little as $210 for just a filter system that includes mounting hardware as well as a gauge and self-testing water-in-fuel sensor for $450.

Customers can expect the filters to last from 35,000 miles to 50,000 miles with good fuel, according to the company. The cost of replacing those filters when they finally expire costs from $33 to $38.