International Telematics Limited (ITL) and Telecom New Zealand’s ICT services division Gen-i have signed a “machine-to-machine partnership deal that will see the telematics company utilize Telecom’s mobile network for its fleet management solutions for some of the country’s biggest
transportation operators.

“Telematics is the expression coined to explain the integration of Telecommunications and real time information,” explained Stephen Brown, ITL executive director - Customer Relations. “The concept has huge application in the transportation space where we operate. Having Gen-i as a premium partner is a reflection of the direction in which we’ve focused ITL’s business. We build in the ability for our clients to easily scale up, and they are comfortable doing so with us because we have products and partners, such as Gen-i, who understand the needs of businesses operating at an enterprise level.”

ITL’s ibright eRUC and telematics solution provides vehicle fleet managers (trucks, trailers, refrigeration equipment, and light commercials) with detailed, real-time information about the whereabouts of their fleet, the condition of the loads the vehicles are carrying, and the performance of the drivers – for each and every truck, refrigerated trailer or unit, according to the company.

As part of the deal, Telecom SIM cards will be fitted into ITL customers’ ibright Electronic RUC (eRUC) and in-vehicle telematics computers.