With 23% of auto collisions (1.3 million crashes) related to texting and driving each year, CellSentry offers fleet managers a solution to the problem. CellSentry and its proprietary software can disable texting while driving.

Developed and launched by Greenhill Enterprises, the CellSentry mobile app utilizes GPS and SMS technologies to block the sending and receiving of text messages and certain calls while the phone is moving. The app automatically initiates when movement is detected and will send return messages to any incoming texts indicating that the user is traveling and cannot receive the message, says the company.

With basic packages starting at 99 cents per month, other app features include an “opt out” option, a 911 shortcut for emergencies and a “white list” where a user can program up to five numbers allowed through when the app is active. Compatible with iPhone and Android software, the CellSentry app also allows access to music and navigation apps while active.

“Everyone is talking about the dangers of texting and driving, and while the law in most states prohibits it, it’s still occurring,” says Ken Greenhill, CellSentry manager at Greenhill Enterprises. “So we decided to do something about it. With the new laws banning texting while driving, everyone should join in taking a stand and utilize this plan for banning it to protect your employees, as well as your loved ones.”

The CellSentry app is now available at iTunes, Google Play or at www.cellsentry.net.