European fleet management specialist Fleet Logistics International is launching a new supplier-backed initiative for the first four months of 2014, targeting small- to medium-sized fleets with a standalone fleet management solution designed to improve fleet efficiency. 

The new solution, which will be available from January 20 until April 30, is ideal for national fleets operating from 50 to 300 vehicles and international, multi-country fleets of up to 1,500 vehicles, according to Fleet Logistics. It is aimed at fleet markets across Europe, including the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria.
The new offering is being supported by leading vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and leasing companies who are guaranteeing preferential terms for the duration of the campaign. Fleet Logistics will also provide full driver support for each new vehicle from order to return of the vehicles for all drivers, according to the company.

The new solution provides a set of standardized policies and tools to create clear automated process flows, cost transparency, and professional invoice control. As a result, the fleet operator will see significant cost and efficiency advantages and greater management control across its fleet, according to Fleet Logistics.

Fleet Logistics is predicting that the first benefits of using the solution will be seen within the first six weeks of its adoption.  

The new solution comes complete with fast track implementation, taking just four weeks, which is completely free to the end-user fleet, and offers attractive and exclusive finance and leasing conditions for all new vehicles added to the fleet, with an-all inclusive service package covering SMR, tires and auto-glass.



“To generate attractive pricing, Fleet Logistics is financially supporting this product and has reached out to various players in the automotive industry to ensure the best sourcing approach supported by manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies on a local and international basis. We do not believe that there are appropriate fleet management solutions generally available to meet the needs of small to medium sized fleet operators. By using the new Fleet Logistics’ product, the small to medium sized client will have a set of standardized policies and tools to create clear automated process flows, cost transparency and professional invoice control,” said Fleet Logistics Chief Commercial Officer Vinzenz Pflanz. “We believe it will add real value in a number of European markets, including the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria.”

The new solution offers the following features and benefits:

  • Free fast track implementation within four weeks.
  • All-inclusive servicing package.
  • Car policy based on local and international experience.
  • Attractive OEM and dealer support exclusively for campaign period.
  • Attractive finance and leasing conditions exclusively for campaign period.
  • Full support from order to return of vehicle for all drivers.
  • Full support and complete transparency all along the value chain at the press of a button.  

Fleet Logistics currently manages a fleet of 119,000 vehicles in more than 23 countries on behalf of leading multinational corporations. The company was acquired by TÜV SÜD Group in 2012.