Axiom Navigation Inc. introduced its new Accu-Tracker FMS-3000, 3100, 8000 and 8100 devices for fleet management and asset tracking. By combining GPS satellite technology with Cellemetry or Aeris.Net Microburst wireless data delivery, these devices can automatically report the exact location of mobile assets virtually anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and some areas of Central and South America. The FMS-3000, 3100, 8000 and 8100 can all be used to effectively track high-value/high-risk cargo, vehicle/truck rentals, utility vehicles, service and delivery vehicles, and heavy-duty construction equipment. By implementing these products, users benefit from increased fleet efficiency, prevention of unauthorized activities, and tracking of lost or stolen vehicles. The FMS-3000 and 8000 have three discrete inputs/two discrete outputs, while the FMS-3100 and 8100 have six discrete inputs/two discrete outputs. Additional features include: a Forward Control Channel (FOCC) that allows commands (pages) to be sent to the mobile unit from the client control center; power-saving modes/power cutoff to help save the vehicle battery; and automatic vehicle location reporting based on pre-determined time intervals. Additionally, the FMS-3100 and 8100 offer a motion-sensing capability for power management and unauthorized movement detection, and a backup battery for mobile unit with charging/management circuitry. All of these FMS devices also feature a Geofencing parameter capability that can be turned on or off at the user's discretion. The default radius for the Geofence is 200 meters, but can be programmed for other limits. Once the mobile asset has exceeded the radius of the Geofence, the Accu-Tracker will send a position report to the monitoring center. Using this protection information, the fleet manager can then determine if the mobile asset is being stolen or just diverted off route.