Quintiq, a provider of supply chain planning and optimization, has announced its logistics software has led to Czech Post seeing significant route optimization in its daily operations.

Quintiq’s software platform was configured to enable Czech Post to optimize its parcel delivery services. The software was implemented ahead of schedule with strong support from T-Systems Czech Republic, a longtime Quintiq partner. To date, the application has enabled Czech Post to decrease total driven distance by over 9 percent, exceeding its initial goal, according to Quintiq.

Czech Post is the largest postal and express delivery services operator in the Czech Republic, processing 7.18 million consignments per day – the equivalent of 444 tons – that are transported by its fleet of 5,000 vehicles. In addition, it delivers more than 200,000 parcels per day that are transported by 2,000 vehicles.

Together with T-Systems, Quintiq configured a task-planning platform that is tailored to Czech Post’s business requirements and IT environment. The solution has enabled Czech Post to strengthen its position in the e-commerce sector, offer new products and improve customer service.

“Czech Post is facing increasing costs, competition, parcel volumes and deregulation. For these reasons, we needed a solution that would help to improve efficiency and reduce costs,” said Petr Semerád, logistics network development manager of Czech Post. “The Quintiq solution perfectly conforms to our business processes and is seamlessly integrated into our IT environment. Using the new application, we have seen savings – this has been proven by independent measurement of the daily operations at our depots.”