The Fleet Europe magazine special issue dedicated to fleet management in Eastern Europe has been released. The issue outlines market conditions in 12 Eastern European countries, including Armenia, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and the Ukraine.

Eastern Europe has attracted significant levels of international investment over the past decade and, with a growing number of countries getting ready to join the European Union, the region is all set to become an increasingly important destination for international corporations, according to Fleet Europe.

The Guide to Fleet Management in Eastern Europe explores the type of decisions that international fleet teams face when managing fleet program. It also shares the solutions that innovative leaders in the buyer and supplier community are taking to optimize performance and manage challenges that are unique to fleets in Eastern Europe.

“With this special issue, we aim to give international fleet managers a comprehensive overview of fleet management in Eastern Europe and to help companies navigate the main aspects of fleet management in this region,” explains Fleet Europe’s Chief Editor Steven Schoefs. “We start our journey by exploring the similarities and differences between managing fleets in Western and Eastern Europe, before drilling down into some of the specifics of fleet management in the east.”

The Guide to Fleet Management in Eastern Europe comprises chapters explaining the economic conditions, culture, and dynamics of each country in Eastern Europe with information on infrastructure, legislation, and taxation. For more information go to